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Switzerland, Berne
Pomembne podrobnosti o AG1710
Spol Moški
Starost 41
Višina 5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
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full naked natural looking girls
O meni
I'm addicted of full naked girls and girls who be lovely and kind to me
Kaj me odbija
Fake breasts or operations on the stomach or other changes in itself and especially piercings and jewelry
Komentarji (4)
20. 05. 23
Я бы тебя не отпускала одного на улицу - украдут же!
6. 04. 23
i love you my life
You are my favorite person thanks for choosing to be my boyfriend I take you in my heart
18. 01. 23
💕On a small, lost planet💫
Among the twinkling of fabulous luminaries
They created a dream like children💜
She loved, he loved her.💕
13. 01. 23
I love your face I want to sit on it!!! 🥵❤